środa, 17 grudnia 2014

Irish life of freedom energy

Lads and Ladies I am proud to announce being honored by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland by being on the list of registered with them installers in Ireland. Second from the end and on the podium on the other side as there is only 2 approved installers  in PV technology :)
I think that shows how Ireland is trying to promote micro generation. Even in Poland something changed but here scheme from Electric Ireland 9c/kWh exported (minus 340euro paid to ESB for import/export meeter !!!) ends this year !!!!
Well we'll see :) I do not care. I am just doing what I like :). Discovering, learning, swimming and dreaming ...

and I do care as same as air and water (not for long here in Alaska of Europe - Ireland ) energy should belong to all of us.  any anti corporation movement is where I am going...

2 windspot wind turbines installed this month, paper work included (completion cert for ESB). So it's good start. So far turbines working good, one is very close to me in Navan and second in Co.Mayo
I like this picture from second installation in co. Mayo (I came back yesterday ).

 December in co.Mayo  (not usual weather on the photo above :) ) Mark's windspot photos

and here Brian's close to Navan windspot photos