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Windspot - dystribution

Mikrogeneracja Sp. z o.o. is a official distributor of windspot turbine models in Poland. Manufacturer website: www.windspot.es -an you can find us by clicking on distributors.

1. Certification 

Windspot is tested in INTERTEK (for MCS in UK) SEPEN (France ), CIEAMAT (Spain ), Folkcenter (Denmark ) and others(like Masdar in Abu Dhabi and many Spanish institutes and also universities around the world ) Hopefully in Poland soon in Gdynia at Maritime University.

Noise measurements carried out by the Certification Body GRONTMIJ CARL BRO (Denmark) according to the Standards IEC 61400-11 gave the following results for the WINDSPOT 3.5.
At a distance of 60 meters and a constant wind speed of 8 m/s, 37 dB (A) is registered.

2. Lifetime 

Turbine has been designed to last more than 25 years, even in the most adverse weather conditions, such as marine sites or high wind locations. Paints used in windspot turbines are high quality UV resistant to prevent ageing and discoloration caused by the sun. Turbine will operate normally at punctual high wind gusts up to 60 m/s, 216 km/h or 135 mph (Class I winds according IEC 61400-2 standard). These winds are classified as hurricanes. The well built and rugged design will allow the turbine to withstand mechanical stresses caused by sustained average high winds such as certain locations with 9 m/s (32 km/h or 20 mph). Windspot turbines are designed for coastal and offshore applications. All metal parts have been coated with marine grade powder coat for ensuring superior protection from the environment. Turbines come in a waterproof enclosure to guarantee the watertightness. Besides the characteristics like corrosion protection, stainless steel hardware, the turbine features watertight housings seals.

3. What is included ?

Wind turbine + dump load + controller  (MWP W4G-20K)

There is no need to use dump load if 6kW Aurora inverter is used (as inverter can take any power produced by turbine ). You have to use dump load connected to controller if your inverter is smaller than maximum power you can expect from the turbine. 

 MWP(More Wind Power :)) W4G-20K is used to transmit power to grid through the inverter. MWP W4G-20K rating output power totally is 20 KW, it includes power transmitted to both inverters and
diversion load. Normally, there is no current through diversion load. When the wind is too
strong and the output voltage is too high, the diversion circuit will work and redundant
power will be divided to the load; when the inverter failed to connect grid, the output voltage
of generator will be higher, and then the power from generator will be transmitted to
diversion load by MWP W4G-20K. By detecting output voltage, MWP W4G-20K can protect
the whole system.

 4. Tower 

Lots of towers are suitable... bigger tower = bigger costs. We are manufacturing 25 m steel lattice guided towers (as there is no planning permission required for those in Poland - they do not have concrete foundation ). There are many other towers on the european market and we can help to get them. 

For customers who have their own tower we have included a drawing of the flange that connects the revolving axle and the tower. That connection should be welded to the top part of the tower and screwed to the wind generator’s revolving axle.

12 m tower animation

Sonkyo energy promo

pitch mechanism in "just opened" 3.5kW

anty NWO bazooka :)

video: pitch mechanizm at work - Killarney


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